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  Fishing Wedding Invitations

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fishing wedding invitations
B3065 In The Same Boat

Fishing Couple Wedding Invitations
B2265 Fishing Couple

Fishing Partners Wedding Invitations
B3094 Partners for Life

Fishing Couple Wedding Invitations
C1865 A-LURE-ing

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Sample Wording For Fish and Fishing Theme Wedding Invitations

1.  As deep as the ocean, as boundless as the sea,
     as abundant as the sand of the beach
     is how love is meant to be!

2.  Good things come to them that wait
     Especially with a ring as bait!

3.  To be partners for life is what they were wishing
     So they got two licenses - marriage and fishing!

4.  They're in the same boat and the water is fine . . .
     So she said, "Yes" when he said, "Will you be mine?"

5.  As unique as a seashell, as deep as the sea
     As eternal as the waves, our love is meant to be!

6.  She asked him to wear a suit with a vest
     But she won't let him wear the one he likes best!
     (Especially for our Fishing Vest Wedding Invitation)

7.  He cast the line and she took the bait . . .
     But falling in love was a matter of fate!

8.  She loves to fish and she's a free thinker . . .
     They fell for each other hook, line and sinker!

9.  They're going to join their lives forever
     'Cause all water seems calm when they swim together!

10. On a "scale" of one to ten
      They're a perfect match from gill to fin!

11. There’ll soon be two less fish in the sea . . .
      They are getting hooked!

The suggested wording above is specifically for Fish and Fishing Wedding Invitations
from Wedding Invitations Plus.